Valve To Award $1 Million To The Winner Of First Dota 2 Competition

By   /   Aug 1, 2011

It can’t get bigger than this. Valve has announced the first ever tournament for the highly anticipated Dota 2. The tournament will be held at Gamescom (August 17th) in Germany and is officially called ‘The International’.

What’s big about it? Its fucking Million dollar prize tag. Don’t call me crazy as it’s Valve who has made it official. Who will be the participants? 16 best Dota teams around the globe will compete each other in a double elimination round-up for massive $1 million.

This isn’t it. Valve will be broadcasting the event online in 4 languages: English, Chinese, German, and Russian. So it’s a double treat; first impressions of Dota 2 and then the exciting tournament where winner will be no less than a Richie Rich.

This shows how important this game is for Valve. They want to launch it like a full throttle jet. I am expecting hell of a competition at this inaugural tournament. Being a Dota fan, you can’t afford to miss this year’s Gamescom. Can you?

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