PS3 Hacker ‘KaKaRoTo’ Talks About Piracy and War Against Sony

By   /   Aug 1, 2011

Youness Alaoui aka KaKaRoTo is famous for being the first man to hack PS3’s firmware. This software engineer from Canada was interviewed by PlayStation Lifestyle during which he told the purpose behind hacking and war against Sony.

According to Alaoui, he has no personal grudges against Sony. Then what does he want to prove by altering the firmware? here is what he had to say about it.

It’s really about freedom, we should have the freedom to use our devices any way we want (within the boundaries of the law and without infringing on other user’s freedom), and having a legitimate path to homebrew is getting one step closer to that freedom. The PS3 wasn’t hacked for 4 years because we had Linux support which allowed countless people to experiment with the Cell processor, but as soon as they illegally removed Linux support from our PS3s, they have unleashed the developer’s thirst in getting their freedom back

It may not entirely about thirst or freedom but a bit of fame too. Everyone wants to get recognized for their work and skills and Hacking, whether for good or bad purpose, can fulfill both. When asked about Anonymous’ attack on PSN, he told that the attack was due to Sony’s incompetency. His team tried to warn Sony about their outdated firmware a few months back but Sony didn’t pay head to them. So, calling them a victim of so-called “cyber terrorism” is a bit extravagant.

He further explained that his firmware tweak is not to promote piracy rather to play legal backup copies of games. He also told that Sony needs to stop the lawsuit against Alexander Egorenkov:

They need to stop their current lawsuit against Alexander Egorenkov (who only brought back Linux to the PS3 and write Linux drivers, he hasn’t even looked at GameOS), they need to give a proper and sincere apology on their blog about their removal of OtherOS support, and give us a way for legitimately running homebrew applications on the PS3, whether it is by bringing back OtherOS support, or by creating something like the Xbox Live Indie Games.

They want the freedom, while Sony want their product safe from any infringement. What do you the consumers have to say about the Sony’s practice of not allowing anyone to alter the console in any way Or you really owe the console?

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