Little Big Planet 2 To Get Toy Story Levels and Costumes as DLC

Remember Little Big Planet 2 ? the game that allows you to let your imagination go wild and create levels even games yourself using the box of tools the game has to offer.

It’s a game about creating games, how is that for a game ? Now, it’s getting a DLC not sure if it really needed it since it already has like millions of user-created levels that you can play but none of these are Toy Story related it seems.

So the developers are bringing Toy Story Levels and related costumes to Little Big Planet 2 and will make it available either separately or as a bundle DLC this week on August 3. Additionally, they are promising to add more content in a series of DLC that follow.

Each Add-on you download will cost you $5.99. If you don’t want to buy that, take some inspiration about the items, costumes, and story related to this DLC from the official site and try to create your own Toy Story inspired World. If you don’t know how, read our Level Creation guide.