Catherine Characters Guide

Catherine is a puzzle action adventure based on the complexities that surround relationships.

It will tell a story of a young man who is engaged with Katherine but gets twisted in his life when he meets a new girl in town ‘Catherine’.

He falls for her and the rest of the game follows the complications that arise due to her unwanted relationship with Catherine.

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He is the guy that is swept away by the actions of the two women in his life. He wants to escape the responsibilities of the adult life and doesn’t want to commit himself in a long term relationship which his girlfriend Katherine wants. After meeting Catherine, an enigmatic beauty his life is dragged into a waking nightmare.

Catherine is the seductive beauty that appears before Vincent in the game and makes Vincent’s relationship with Katherine fall in jeopardy. Now everything in his life is twisted around Catherine as her coquettish charms grab hold of Vincent’s heart.

Katherine McBride
She is a loyal girlfriend of Vincent who works in a clothing company. Both of them were class fellows in high school and later started dating each other. She wants to fully commit to Vincent but his actions annoy her as time passes. Both are in relationship for five years now but still have depressions in their life.

Orlando Haddick
He is a close and longtime friend of Jonny, Erica, and Vincent and is a regular at Stray Sheep. He is being divorced and lives for himself now. Orlando has his own advice for Vincent for women thanks to his own experience.

Jonathan Ariga
Jonny is an old friend of Vincent, Erica and Orlando. He works at his father’s used car dealership and is also regular of the Stray Sheep. Jonny has an optimistic view about love and says that he is waiting for his only true love before getting married to someone.

Tobias Nebbins
He came for Stray Sheep to make some new friends and is also a coworker of Jonny. He acts like an amateur man but is kind hearted and wants to settle with the first lady that catches his heart.

Erica Anderson
She grew up with Vincent, Orlando and Jonny and is a waitress at the Stray Sheep. She loves to talk and join conversations with other people at the bar to share the gossip. She is fully aware of Toby’s crush on her and is amused.

He is the owner that runs the Stray Sheep bar. He is known as Boss but no one knows his real name. He is helpful in giving advises to the customers in time of need. He always act as a charmer with his smooth and easy going style of speaking.

She can be the Babylonian goddess of war, love, fertility and sex. She accepts the player as her consort after breaking the fourth wall in a cut-scene.