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World Without End – Mixing Final Fantasy Tactics With a Bit of Marvel Comics

It’s not for no reason that the upcoming mobile game World Without End has resemblance to comic books – the game is being designed by Steve Uy, a writer and illustrator of Marvel and DC books, including Uncanny X-Men and Avengers: The Initiative. The game will be released soon for iOS and Android.

What’s interesting about the game is that Steve Uy is almost a one man army. He has enlisted a programmer and musician, by the rest of the development such as illustration and design is being done entirely by Uy himself.

That doesn’t mean the game will feel like a one-man creation, as it will allow plenty of exploration and a main storyline of up to 15 hours or so.

World Without End is heavily inspired by Final Fantasy Tactics, and the main fighting system will function in a similar fashion. Players will move in a way similar to the grid-system in FF Tactics. However, there will be no visible grids, hence allowing players to move characters in a more liberated way with their finger.

Players will have to make decisions with every individual move. Powerful moves will cost loads of Action Points, which are available in limited amounts. This will force players into tactical decision-making that can have a large impact on battles.

Not much has been revealed as far as the story is concerned. All known is that players will take control of a primary hero suffering from amnesia, which comes across an old man who inveigles the character to help clear out monsters in his people’s lands. While doing so, he runs into unexpected consequences.

True that the initiating plot is filled with clichés, but that doesn’t mean the game is going to be bad. So far it’s looking quite fantastic, and we can expect it to not whither our anticipations.