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Need For Speed: The Run ‘For The Hills’ Gameplay Footage

Need For Speed: The Run, the latest installment in the Need For Speed franchise takes the race on the streets, by drawing you into a cross-country race and delivering a story-driven experience, which has lacked since Need For Speed: Most Wanted.

E3 2011 demo of The Run didn’t impress many mainly due to its Quick-Time-Events sequences which involved running outside the car as police chased you down. Though those sequences are limited ‘Only 10% of Total Game’ but they are highly scripted. It left fans wondering what was the need to add Quick Time Events, which are hated by gamers at large.

EA has come out to defend that the demo shown at E3 isn’t entirely what the game has to offer. Fans should expect new and old challenges, including sprint races, time attacks, rival battles, cop pursuits, survival battles, and big action moments (involving QTEs).

All this racing action happens across different landscapes and terrain across America as demonstrated by the Run For The Hills trailer, which shows us a bit of desert action.

This is all in-game real gameplay for Need For Speed: The Run, so you will get something close to this when the game gets released.