Infinity Ward Defends Accusations of Recreating 9/11 7/7 Events in Modern Warfare 3

First-person shooters and similar genres which stipulate the use of violence for progression have come under heavy criticism and even threats of getting  banned lately, and it’s a no-surprise news that Modern Warfare 3 has been accused of ‘recreating’ the September 9/11 and 2005’s 7/7 events in a few of the game’s singleplayer missions.

The accusers are UK-based Daily Newspaper – a bunch of guys who have clearly over-reacted – and have stated that footage of derailed tubes in London in the game mimic the London Bombings that occurred in 2005, and the intense battle scenarios and invasion of New York are recreations of the 9/11 event, hence supporters of those affected by the events suggest the game to get banned.

It clearly requires more brains than emotions to understand that the entirely fictional warfare in the game is barely plausible, and occurs on such a large-scale that it does not encourage terrorism or anything similar – and I highly doubt Khrushchev’s successors sitting in Russia will be easily influenced by a fun game to actually start an attack on the United States and European countries.

Honestly such statements and reactions are quite baseless – if games have to be banned on these basis, then driving sims such as Need For Speed should be banned because they encourage rash driving, or flight sims such as Microsoft Flight Simulator should be banned because you can crash a Boeing 767 into a building or bridge.

Thankfully, Infinity Ward isn’t all too perturbed by these ‘call of ban’ scenarios. IW’s creative strategist Robert Bowling stated that he wasn’t too worried about these accusations, since the conflicts raging in MW3 are far different from the ones in real-world, and though they may seem realistic, their plausibility is negligible.

They have already disabled Washington DC and the war has just organically been progressing off the East Coast and the New York is a major city that would… So this is very different because its full-on military fighting through the streets, so I think that’s going to be very clear once people play it and get hands-on and see what type of conflict this is, and then it spreads to the other major cities, Bowling stated.

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