EA Sports’ Interest in Indie Games is Good For The Industry

When you think of EA sports, you can’t find any competitor parallel to this giant publisher. One reason can be that they are always open to new strategies and ideas that will help them expand their wings or one may say they are too strong financially.

The question should be, were they always that strong ? I doubt it. Since now they are looking to expand their core business, interest in Indie games does not surprise me as it will ultimately benefit them. Senior vice president EA Sports, Andrew Wilson told NowGamer:

I think with iOS, Android, Facebook and tablets we’re now in a place that’s probably unique, where for the first time in 16 years four guys in a garage can build a great new IP related to sports that could definitely co-exist within the EA Sports brand

Indie developers are usually skilled people who can come up with a new idea that can be made famous if it carries a big tag like EA on it. The developer retains the ownership of the game but the profit is shared.

If we just keep EA’s interests aside, it would be great for the industry if small independent developers are guaranteed exposure so they can take their creativity to a whole new level.

I mean, they are mostly a team of 5 or so developers turning a unique idea into a video game. What’s next? They need to publicize it so that everyone can play it and rate their efforts. There are two ways for it, either make it a free to play game independently or with the help of a renowned publisher, make some cash out of it and get a platform for further exposure and development.

So overall, EA’s move to finance few indie sports games would be great for industry. If you don’t feel this is the case, voice your opinion in the comments below.