Nintendo 3DS Discounted For Good, Now Just $170 in North America

This is like a mega surprise but again, a good one. You don’t have to a genius to infer that Nintendo 3DS was over-priced. My guess was that Nintendo will sit it out of honor till Holidays but… after yesterday’s quarterly report, Nintendo has announced nearly 32% cut on 3DS price. Now it will retail for $169.99 instead of its launch price $249.99.

This announcement may be in response to lack of 3DS sales in North America, numbers stand at 830,000 units. Early adopters who bought the console at full price will automatically join the ambassador program, which gives them access to 10 free NES and 10 free GBA games.

Log on to Nintendo eShop once the price drops to claim your free games which aren’t half bad really. Among the notable titles are Mario Kart, Yoshi’s Island, Metroid, Warioware 1, Mario vs. DK.

If this works for Nintendo, Sony is officially screwed with the launch of PS Vita in fall unless they come up with a similar low-price strategy. Or it’s the games you follow ? then PS Vita sure has a good line-up.