NHL 12 Will Allow You To Fight The Goalies and Keep Your Balance

Like all the EA Sports titles this year, NHL 12 will also feature full Contact Physics Engine like ‘Impact Engine FIFA 12‘. What that means is you will be able to respond more realistically when you are pushed and shoved while running.

Additionally, NHL 12 will feature Goalie fights for the first time in the franchise. Now if you want to punch a goalie and start a fight, you can. Heck, you can even knock their helmet off or send their goal sliding across the ice, your choice whatever you prefer. Also, the AI has been enhanced to make Goalies respond more appropriately to the attacks and actively involve in the defense.

You can watch the newly released NHL 12 Balance Control and Dynamic Goalies studio demonstrations showing the above two enhancements in action.

NHL 12 Balance Control

NHL 12 Dynamic Goalies

Does it make NHL 12 better ? NHL Fans share your thoughts.