ESPN 2.0 On Xbox 360 Looks Like This

ESPN app on Xbox 360 has seen minor changes here and there since its launch on Xbox 360 last year but come August 25, ESPN app will get revamp to make it an experience Microsoft has touted about.

ESPN 2.0 will make experience of watching a game show on Xbox 360 better than TV. Yes, since it will allow you to simultaneously watch two games on split screen in 720p with ability to pause and rewind with a controller or Kinect voice commands.

Among other minor changes will be the display of stats on one side while watching a game on the other when you aren’t enjoying two games at once. It also opens many possibilities like rewinding the game on one side to watch a goal you have missed while continuing with the live game on the other.

At the bottom of the screen there will be a mini-guide, another new addition. This mini-guide will allow you to easily navigate through other games that are on show while keeping tabs on their scores.

ESPN Mini-Guide

The right-side of the screen will feature a live scorecard that will initially only support College Football. Microsoft is also improving the social aspects of this application with August update so you will have much more than just watching two streams of your favorite game this fall when the ESPN app gets an update.

ESPM Scorecard

Note. You need an Xbox Live Gold subscription and an Internet service provider that delivers ESPN3 to enjoy all these benefits.