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Modern Warfare 3 – Screenshots Carnage

There will be a big feast for FPS fans as two highly anticipated games releasing this November. Yes, I am talking about Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3.

The battle is on between the two giants and we are being pumped with periodic doses of adrenaline to keep our bodies ready for these games.

It’s time for us to show you different sections of Modern Warfare 3 with help of some cheesy screenshots released by SledgeHammer studios.

After that brace yourself with an image of Modern Warfare 3 Hardened edition fresh from factory line thanks to Robert Bowling.


Typical city scene maligned by the effects of war.


Reminds me of the attack at Pearl Harbor.


The soldier seems to be running out of options.

Modern Warfare 3

His muscles aren’t as good as Marcus Phoenix’s.

Modern Warfare 3

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