NCAA Football 12 Has Sold 700k Copies In Two Weeks

EA Sports today has announced that NCAA Football 12 has sold more than 700,000 since its release. It’s 17% more than the previous installment in the series during the same period ‘2 Weeks’.

Among other stats, more than 870,000 sessions have been created, 50,000 Online Dynasties are online containing more than 100,000 user-controlled teams and more than 1 million custom teams have been created so far by the fans.

Peter Moore, the President of EA Sports said:

We’re extremely pleased by the overwhelmingly positive response to NCAA Football 12 by both critics and college football fans alike. The team at Tiburon has created the ultimate college football experience which is evident at retail where the game is flying off the shelves

A good start for NCAA Football 12, lets see if Madden NFL 12 can keep up the pace. If you are starting out on NCAA Football 12, don’t forget to check our Offense Guide.

Source. Industrygamers