Madden NFL 12 Introduces Online Communities and Multiplayer Gets Tweaked

EA Sport’s Madden NFL has not been as good as other sports franchises like FIFA, NHL and Racing. Lack of fair-play and balanced gameplay have been the major reasons for its average performance. With Madden NFL 12, EA is again attempting to change few things here and there to correct these long standing issues.

If you are one of those who don’t buy every game in the series blindly (being a fan) then following improvements brought into multiplayer may alter your thoughts. Multiplayer of the game couldn’t get appreciation because there was no proper system to deal with rage-quitters who spoil the taste of the game and leave just because they are being pawned by a better opponent.

To reduce this factor, EA has introduced community element. Players can join certain communities where the creators of the communities can invite players depending upon their skills and reputation. Creators of the community will set the rules and will have the privilege to kick any player at any time who is not following the rules or trying to spoil the taste.

So if you want to play with players who don’t quit just because they are loosing, you just need to find the relevant group. Communities can either be open to public or invite only. Community’s description box will let others know that what kind of members or players you are looking for.

This way, players will be able to find the appropriate opponents to play against in groups. Each community will have features like private lobbies, message board and private stat tracking etc.

Quitters will also be checked by strict rules. Anyone who quits during the game won’t be awarded any skill points and other players will be considered victorious and skill points will be awarded.

This might not be a good idea in cases when the connection is lost and you end up disconnected to the game. But to address this issue, devs have included a post-game info box to decide who quit and who didn’t.

The view in Online Team Play (OTP) has also been changed to regular NFL camera. Moreover, only three successive encroachments and five in a match are allowed to make it balanced.

For head to head play, some players exploit the ranked invites to climb the ladders by cheating. Players could invite their friends who would let them win and climb up the ladder fast. To counter this exploitation, EA Tiburon has introduced a degenerative rule according to which players won’t be earning same points if they are playing the same player repeatedly. This will help the skilled players to keep the top spots and imposters can wait till they actually prove their worth.

So, bye-bye to quitters and cheaters. That solves the problem or you still have other problems. Share you views with us.