ACL Calls For Ban on Violent Games After Norway Attacks

It was on the cards, isn’t it ? After the terrorist ‘Anders Behring Breivik’ responsible for Norway Massacre, was linked with possession of Modern Warfare 2 and using it as a training simulator.

It’s lame that this type of news gets more attention than it deserves. First reported by Mashable and it quickly caught attention of internet trolls making its way to the Australian Christian Lobby.

Who in response called for the bans on video games that contain violence that is “excessive or gratuitous”, reportsSydney Morning Hetrald

While Minister for Home Affairs, Brendan O’Connor put the claims to rest by talking sense on ABC’s insider:

Look, because there is a madman who has done just such atrocities in Norway, I don’t think that means that we are going to close down film or the engagement with games,” he said. “I think it really points to, of course, a person who – clearly there is something wrong with this person to sort of cause such devastation in Norway. But I’m not sure that the argument goes that as a result of watching a game you turn into that type of person. I think there is something clearly intrinsically wrong with him.

How much time do you think Reuters spent on creating this costume for the killer ?

The Australian Christian Lobby managing director Jim Wallace played pessimist card and said that if even a few deranged minds could be “taken over the edge by an obsession with violent games” then the game should be banned. He continued and backed his opinion by being even more pessimistic.

The studied indifference of this killer to the suffering he was inflicting, his obvious dehumanising of his victims and the evil methodical nature of the killings have all the marks of games scenarios,” said Wallace. “How can we allow the profits of the games industry and selfishness of games libertarians to place our increasingly dysfunctional society at further risk? Even if this prohibition were to save only one tragedy like this each twenty years it would be worth it.

Mr. Wallace’s statement to back-up ban on violent games is like banning everyone to drive the car on the city roads because accidents can occur. Or to stop people from traveling in air because planes can crash.

This incident could have put the halt on the recent 18+ rating for video games in Australia but thankfully, the incident won’t make any difference in the support for the move, revealed the chief of Australian games industry and trade group.

I think it’s fair to say that in our communities there will always be individuals who will have a predisposition towards violent behaviour, the causes for which fall into a very wide range of factors, said IGEA chief executive Ron Curry. To single out a symptom, rather than the underlying cause, does little to understand, or show respect to, the greater tragedy.

This isn’t the first time, video games have been singled out as the primary cause behind violent acts of mentally fucked-up people, and certainly not the first time that a political/religious group has come forward to ask for the ban on video games, basing their case on these incidents.