A Look at the World of Dishonored

Fifteen-year veteran designer Viktor Antonov is working on designing the world of Dishonored, a game in development by Arkane Studios. It’s a first person shooter which gets partial inspiration from Half Life, but Antonov has been eager to inscribe originality into it, and hence everything from the game-world to characters have been designed from scratch.

Sebastion Mitton, the art director of the game, is working with Antonov to create an in-game environment that will leave a lasting impression on players. Dishonored is set in a fictional city called Dunwall, a massive, artistic city in a futuristic yet 18th century steampunk setting. The inhabitants and vehicles of the city are meant to portray the dark nature of the metropolis, much like BioShock but on a more expansive scale.

Antonov states that he along with the developing team plan to make the game cliché-proof, and have relied more on reading books, looking at sculptures, photography, and world exploration to create the city instead of adopting ideas from other games or movies.

In Dishonored you play as Corvo, once a bodyguard for the Empress, who is seeking revenge from Lord Regent who framed Corvo for the murder of the Empress and took over the city. Dishonored will mainly focus on the happenings in Dunwall, but the open format will allow players to explore other locations and continents.

Though the game is mainly first person shooter, it will focus more on stealth mechanics, magic, spells and use of gadgets to overcome foes. Dishonored has no solid release date, but it is expected to come out for Windows, PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in the second quarter of 2012.

Information Courtesy of GameInformer