The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim Taverns, Weapons, Spells, Perks and More

Behold! RPG fans, we have more info about Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The French version of latest PS3M came with new information on Skyrim and we have summarized everything below in a more digestible way.

The unrest started when the King of Skyrim was found dead, which sparked off a civil responsible for the current situation the player finds himself in. The game takes off from there and then assigns you a series of quests to resolve several conflicts.

The NPCs may or may not give you detailed information about the quests you receive; most of these quests can be taken from Taverns. Taverns will play a major role in the game since you will be relying on them to take quests, seek more information about certain NPC and much more.

You can level up your perks to Level 100 but you can’t get all the Perks, it’s by design. You will be able to actively participate in the livelyhood of Skyrim. Buy your house, cook, woodcut, mine or be a blacksmith.

One of the cities of Skyrim will be dedicated to the Dunmer while Haafingar is the largest port available in the game. Apart from these cities, there is a settlement called Riverwood in the game.

Some of the Skyrim Weapons will have concealed effects as long as you don’t try them yourself. If you use Magnetism, it will allow you to prevent your friendlies getting the hit. Dragon encounters aren’t scripted and Dwemer Ruins are available in the game.

You can repair the equipment, break into NPC houses, and even stalk them. You can’t block if you have any Spell bound to one of your hands. Archers will be able to hold their breath to boost accuracy.

You can build traps like Ice Trap, which freezes an enemy who walks over the trap. Circle of Protection is a spell that pushes your enemies away from you. Detect Life is a spell that allows you to detect life in your vicinity. Finally, Fury is a spell that makes enemies go berserk and fight each other.

We will keep you updated as soon as we find more information about The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.