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Microsoft Sued Over Kinect and EA, Konami, Sega For Making Games For Kinect

Impulse Technology, an Ohio-based firm claims that Microsoft’s Kinect technology ‘motion tracking sensor’ violates seven of its patents, including those that cover ‘wide variety of games where the movement of a player is tracked in three dimensions and certain exercise games where the motion of the player is tracked to effect movement of a virtual avatar, and the exertion of the user is monitored, including where the tracking of the player is done by the use of a camera”.

The interesting of this lawsuit is, publishers who developed games for Kinect including EA, Konami, and Sega, have been included in the lawsuit for violating the patents held by the company. It’s a shot at the giants of the industry by Impulse and if it succeeds it will affect Microsoft largely and other publishers in many ways that can but not limited to, their ability to sell Kinect and its games plus significant damages that the software giant may end up paying to Impulse.

If my memory serves correctly Nintendo has also been sued over Nintendo 3DS for the use of glasses free 3D technology. These cases take months to resolve, if not years, so stay put and we will keep updating on the next proceedings.

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