Dragon Age 2 Legacy DLC Walkthrough

Dragon Age 2 Legacy is the first major DLC for Dragon Age 2 and it’s story-driven based on an ancient evil. Hawke is the key to his freedom hence the Legacy. You as ‘Hawke’ along with your companions will travel to Vimmark Mountains to put this evil to peace forever.

We will be helping you in your journey as we did in case of your previous journey with our Walkthrough. To prepare for this battle, make sure you have equipped yourself with these unique weapons and unique armor, they will help the cause. If you are facing any trouble starting with the old installation of Dragon Age 2, check our Crashes Freezes troubleshooting guide.

Dragon Age 2 – Legacy Walkthrough

Chose a balanced squad. Don’t go for more than one mage. Before you encounter any resistance, It’s better that you grab the loot from the crates and corpses. Fight with the first two soldiers will be easy.

The beasts although sluggish, will be more resistive than the simple dwarfs. Ranged attacks will be useful. Inside the fortress, there is more treasure to grab. If you are playing with “Warrior” charge attacks are quite affective against most of the enemies.

While with Rhatigan and company, keep your focus on the main rival. Your troop can deal with the rest of his allies. That sword will inflict more damage than your default weapon. Don’t forget to use the health and stamina potions when needed.

After defeating the demonic creƤture, upgrading your squad’s abilities will prove helpful in the future fights.

Before activating the second seal, the demon can replicate. You should focus on the main foe as killing the replicas won’t do any good.

In the section with torches, you need to get the correct sequence to light them all.

Demons this time will have the ability to execute range attacks. Again, focus on the primary ones instead of wasting time on replicas.

There are a couple of useful collectibles in this section. While fighting with the darkspawn creatures summoned by the warden, you should keep track of their magic tricks and engage them quickly before they cast the magic. Your charge attacks can help you get near them fast.

The boss fight will be hectic. He is harnessing his power from the pillars. You need to switch these pillars. Beware of the dark spawn soldiers after each pillar.

The battle will get intense with time. In between the tower switching process, you will have some chances to inflict some damage on him. Make every hit count. Once he is down, grab the collectibles from the corpse to wrap up the DLC.

You can thank Revan657 for the videos once you have completed the DLC.