Batman: Arkham City – Meet Talia al Ghul, The Penguin and Solomon Grundy

The renowned shady business man Oswald Chesterfield Cobblepot, AKA – The Penguin joins the list of bad-ass villains that you will encounter in Batman Arkham City. It’s now his turn to get some screen time.

In this trailer Batman shows us some of his new take-downs, impressive two-for-one attacks and some environment kills, business as usual for the Dark Knight. At the of the trailer, we see a glimpse of the zombie mastermind Solomon Grundy, who somehow has been captured by The Penguin to use against the Dark Knight.

Another surprise comes in the release of the artwork of Talia al Ghul, the love interest of Batman and the daughter of the supervillain Ras al Ghul, it’s fitting contrast. Nothing about her role in the game has been revealed as such, but she sure has a purpose.


Talia will be voiced by Stana Katic of ABC’s Castle. She is probably more excited than you, since she voiced one-of-the-iconic characters of Batman Universe.

Talia is such a complex character and it was great to voice her in Batman: Arkham City, said Katic about her role in the game. “I was amazed at all the detail put into the project and it’s great to see how excited the fans are about the game.

And, for your eyes only, This is Stana Katic.
Stana Katic