Star Wars: The Old Republic Beta Starts In September

Think of the most anticipated Star Wars game, the name that flashes in the first instant would be Star Wars: The Old Republic. So many delays, so much anticipation, so much talk, and yet no one knew anything about when it will finally be made available.

EA opened the pre-orders for the game just yesterday after the details on the collector’s edition were leaked. It gave us a hope that the game may finally get the release window in this year, which has just been confirmed by Bioware Co-founder.

Ray Muzyka says it will be one of the “biggest launches of holiday 2011,” which confirms that the game will be made available during the holiday season. Why you should pre-order now ? well there are two reasons. One, you will get an early access to the beta that starts in September. Second, it will give Bioware an estimate for the servers they need to run for the big launch.

We are taking all of the necessary steps to make sure The Old Republic has a thriving community built on a stable online foundation from day one, including limiting supply at launch to ensure that players easily transition into the servers, said Ray Muzyka

Closed beta for the game will start in September but for the selected few or those who pre-ordered the game.