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Rage Dev Diary #4 – A Trip To Wastelands

Rage has already started to get a lot of gamers on the edge of their seats, waiting anxiously as the game’s release date draws closer. However, to try to give those anxious gamers something to look up to, in order for them to avoid going hysterical, Bethesda has released #4 behind the series dev diary which walks us through the dangerous wastelands.

In this video the developers highlight what to expect from the game environment and terrain, showing many guns available in the game, telling us about how big wastelands are and how the game is more like an interactive action movie. At the same time, one major revelation is the fact that Vehicle combat will be just as important in the game as hand to hand combat.

Not only will this vehicular mayhem be part of the game, but would also greatly affect the multiplayer aspect of the game. Watch the dev diary below and you will get an idea what I am talking about:

Tell us what you think about the vehicular combat, Cool or Not so Cool ?