PES 2012 – Balanced and Competitive With New Features

Konami is bringing a lot of changes and additions (both minor and major) to bring a more competitive gameplay to Pro Evolution Soccer 2012.

Active AI plays a key role to maintain the balance between attack and defense. These gameplay videos show all the key improvements introduced in PES 2012 to make it more competitive.

PES 2012 will come with a lot of new features with some cosmetic changes also. If you ask me, Pro Evolution Soccer has always been a soccer sim for me.

It seems, PES 2012 will continue that trend with lots of gameplay improvements and new additions to close the gap on its competitor and make it more realistic.

Let’s talk about these new gameplay features or improvements and analyze how they will effect the gameplay of the game.

Off the Ball Control

It will no doubt give the freedom to the players but I am not sure that the AI will be that effective against such a system. Free kicks and other set pieces will be slightly more tactical and diverse.

Zonal Marking

This feature will nullify numerous attacking options in the game to maintain the balance. It’s the core strategy though, if a player is out of position, other player is supposed to fill it, specially in defense. For example, defensive midfielders usually take the position of center halves or wing backs if these positions are vacant.

Zonal Defense

A big flaw in previous Pro Evolution Soccer games was that the strikers used to get a lot of free space to run and shoot towards the goal. It also made ‘through ball’ work a lot easier. In PES 12 though (as shown in the video), players will maintain a more aligned formation to keep the gaps closed for most of the time. Strikers in this way will have to time their runs perfectly while the midfield passes will have to be more creative to break through the defensive line.

Dummy Runs

I love this Feature as one can use dummies to create confusion in the defense and find an opening. Don’t pass to the player that has made the run rather pass it to someone who is now in space left by the defender who went to cover the first run.

Diagonal Runs

This is much needed improvement in the series. It becomes annoying when a sublime through ball goes begging just because the striker can only break through in straight line. Diagonal runs will open more opportunities to attack.

Overlapping Run

It’s important that your players anticipate your moves and make advance runs so that if someone breaks through the defense, he has support either from the wing or from the center. Overlapping runs made by the wingers increase the attacking options.

All of these are welcoming additions to PES 2012 and will give it more realistic feel than ever before. What’s your take on this ? FIFA 12 is good but PES 2012 isn’t half bad.