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Freddy Krueger is Mortal Kombat DLC Character

Nightmare on Elm Street villain Freddy Krueger joins Mortal Kombat as the fourth DLC character. NeatherRealm had kept secret the identity of fourth character DLC since the announcement of the character DLC series.

Freddy Krueger to the fourth DLC character is a kind of surprise that no one expected but it’s a good one. Krueger is the child murdering maniac who stalks and kills teenager in their dreams, which causes them to die in real life. In Mortal Kombat he will appear in his trademark outfit and weapon (Knife Glove), his very own unique fatalities and moves, and story ending for the arcade ladder mode. You can watch him in action in the gameplay video below, courtesy of IGN.

Freddy Krueger character DLC will be made available in August for $4 or 400 MS points. For more on Mortal Kombat, check our coverage on Fatalities, Krypt, Walkthrough and more.