Dead Island Characters Guide

Dead Island sees you travel to the island of Banoi, where you go to the Royal Palms Resort.

However, your dream vacation soon turns into a disaster as a zombie apocalypse breaks out and you are faced with the task to survive or die.

You won’t be alone on your journey off the island, as you will be accompanied by a host of other characters also looking to make their way off the dreaded island.

It’s a zombie world, surviving alone is out of the question. You need to understand what your companions in this journey are capable of. This way you can rely on them to do the task they are good at. The characters bio will also give you interesting insight on the background of each character hence their behavior in the game.

This characters guide will reveal everything there is to know about each of your companion. You can also read our highly detailed Character Skill Tree Guide for more insight.

Dead Island Xian Mei

Xian Mei
Xian Mei is one of the employees at the Royal Palm Resort, where you initially travel to. She is Chinese by descent and chose the job, in order to get as far away from China as possible. She is intelligent and athletic, while possessing tremendous speed. She aspired to get to know the different cultures across the world and the Resort proved to be heaven for her, in doing so.

Dead Island Sam B

Sam B
The highly acclaimed rapper, Sam B was asked to come to the Resort and do his thing for the guests staying there. He went on to accept the opportunity to travel to the islands, within a heartbeat. Sam B, has had his fair share of run ins with drugs and alcohol in the past, while he has never really had true friends. His hunger for an extra buck or two, soon turns into a fight for him to stay alive.

Dead Island Logan

The all American former American football player, Logan has lived a life spoiled by money and success. His ego ended up killing his career and after a going down the reckless road, a bad street race saw him kill a woman. At the same time, the crash saw him injure his knee, which ended his sports career. Troubled by his past, he traveled to the island to get his mind free of all those thoughts, only to soon get wrapped up in something a whole lot worse.

She is an ex-cop of Sydney Police depart and an expert in using ranged weapons. She can provide perks and bonuses to other heroes. When she is in “rage mode” she can take quick and accurate head shots with her handgun.