Nintendo 3DS Regains Top Spot in Japan Hardware Chart

Nintendo’s 3DS has regained the top position in Japan’s hardware chart. It sold 46,637 units this week which is almost double than the last week (22,943). PSP now has been dropped to second spot. There can be a couple of reasons behind this sudden rise. One can be Starfox64 3D which is set to release in September.

Then there is a new color variant introduced for the console. Now, the top 5 (detailed on NEOGAF in hardware sales chart for this week are:

  • 3DS – 46,637 units
  • PSP – 26,565 units
  • PlayStation 3 – 23,322 units
  • Wii – 14,237 units
  • DS – 9208 units

Starfox64 is a good game, but is it good enough for such large gain? you tell me.