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Dragon’s Dogma – Meet The Golem

Dragon’s Dogma may sound like a game that’s exclusively concerned with gigantic napalm-breathing lizards, but CAPCOM has eagerly invalidated this impression by showing us creatures that have a slightly different origin. We’ve seen beasts from Homer’s epics, such as chimeras, hydras and griffins.

This time around, CAPCOM has revealed another creäture from classical mythology, though not restricted to that of the Greek’s. The new towering unfriendly beast is the Golem creäture. Even a casual looker would agree that the game has mesmerizing beautiful graphics, and the Golem seems to elaborate the fact, being on-par with the other creatures of the game in-terms of details and realism.

The creäture itself looks to be an extremely formidable opponent, and to make matters more violent, and even more sadistically interesting, CAPCOM has stated that the towering beast is equipped with a giant laser beam!


It’s certainly validated that there’s more to expect from this game than what its limiting title suggests. Look for the game in 2012 for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.