Sword of the Stars 2: Lords of Winter Preview

Lead designer of Sword of the Stars 2: Lords of Winter, Chris Stewart recently sat down to give a little briefing on what to expect once the game becomes available to the public.

Sword of the Stars 2 will play a little like Galactic Civilizations and Total War, but focus will be the brilliant 3D battles. Stewart said while talking about the game that:

We’re taking the classic 4X games that you love like Masters of Orion, and then trying to focus on what they couldn’t focus on. Really putting a strong focus on tactical, 3D, visceral combat.

The gameplay is also rather intriguing, as once you enter a battle, you zoom into the different part of the map, to get a better look at the 3D fights. In fact, battles and fights are so important, that there is no option to over throw you opponents by becoming economically strong, or by coming to a peaceful conclusion, there is only fighting which solves or creates problems for you.

You kick things off by following your basic rules, pick a race, map, size and then the game helps generate you very own unique galaxy. Yes you read that right, it generates a galaxy, which is why if you only have a few hours to play, you should opt for a small map. Some matches can even last months, depending on the settings that you pick.

The rules of the game are pretty simple, expand your empire, spy on others and try to capture and conquer, every opportunity that you get. However, you have a wide array of options when attacking opponents, which can see you ranging your attacks to their mines, economy or shipyards.

Each race will have its fair share of technology and upgrades available, which make it a unique experience to play with every team.
The game is shaping up like it’s going to deliver some leading graphics and a world of endless possibilities.

At the same time, it is also going to have you busting your brains out, figuring out just how you want to go about your next move, to get ahead of your opponents. We are looking forward to its release, you should also give it a try.