Battlefield 3 Battlelog Alpha is LIVE, Beta Sign Up, Origin and More

Users on EA UK Forums have discovered the url for the Battlefield 3 Battlelog, screenshots of which were leaked last weekend.

Currently in Alpha as we reported before, Battlelog requires an origin account/email to register for the trial and is the social part of the much-anticipated Battlefield 3. It is similar to Call of Duty Elite and is free. The url in question is:

If you try to enter you Origin login details; Yes, we did. It will show you a warning in red text stating your account is not allowed to login. The text above the main-page states ‘Try Battlefield 3 before Anyone Else’. Which confirms the recent details about Battlefield 3 exclusive early Beta invite for Medal of Honors owners.

The source code shows that Battlefield 3 Battlelog has been developed using a real-time web framework called ESN Planet. A bit of digging about the reveals ESN is a Swedish company, which also has developed VoIP in the cloud solution which is presumably what DICE has integrated for Battlelog voice communication.

It’s interesting to note that you can see few of the ESN staff members Oskar Gabrielson and Carl Byström in the previously leaked Battlelog Screenshots.

Expect beta to be run through Origin and early access given to those who bought Medal of Honor. Everything else is what you make of it. Peace out.