Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten Detailed

The Disgaea game series is infamous for its unorthodox RPG elements and notoriously complex gameplay and maximum stats. All those who enjoyed the challenge of the 3 Disgaea games will be excited to know that Disgaea 4 is on its way to the PlayStation 3 this September.

The key iconic features of the Disgaea games are their ultra hardcore gameplay and complexity – they don’t play as a conventional turn-based strategy game. Another rather humorous iconic aspect of the game is how the player plays as ‘antiheroes’ who are eventually forced to fight alongside heroes, much to their disdain.

Disgaea 4: A Promise Unforgotten (yes, that is the complete name of the game), will follow its signature gameplay and unorthodox nature, but with improvements and more twists of course. The game boasts a new graphic engine, which will make better use of the PS3’s capabilities.

The story of the game will follow the exploitations of the vampire Valvatorez who is a warden in a prison in Hell. Valvatorez and Phenlif, a werewolf companion of the vampire, together dominate Hell by corrupting its government, and seek to change the world to their likings.

It’s already been clearly stated that Disgaea is no ordinary turn-based RPG game – it has many advanced technical elements in the gameplay. For example, many of the levels feature colored areas called Geo Symbols, which can give a variety of good or bad abilities to whoever stands on them. You can destroy these symbols and create huge chain reactions as well, killing enemies or even possibly allies. Similarly item usage and creation is also very complex.

For starters, the game may seem a bit overwhelming; but the inclusion of tutorials is a great help, and players who have played games such as Final Fantasy Tactics and Advance Wars should have little problem in adjusting to the complex nature of the gameplay. You can also make your own maps in the game, which should allow for better understanding of the entire tactical concept.

The exact release date for the game is on September 6th this year.