Dishonored Powers, World, Spells, Heart, Abilities and More

Dishonored is the new game developed by Arkane Studios, it is somewhat a cross between the games like Deus Ex, Mirror’s, Aliens vs Predators and Half Life 2.

Bethesda announced Dishonored last week and promised the exclusive details to be revealed in the next issue of GameInformer.

Which is out now and a subscriber of the magazine has posted the details on the NeoGaf forums. So lets talk about what this game has on offer for you.

You are Corvo, a bodyguard to an Empress with an ability to summon rats, you are best at summoning them. At the game begins, Corvo finds himself framed for the murder of the Empress, he was supposedly protecting and is imprisoned by Lord Regent.

Corvo escapes the prison to get even with those who set him up. How would he fight the evil regime ? he isn’t an ordinary guy, he takes the power from an outsider, known as “part devil, part angel, and entirely ambiguous”, the source of all magic in Dishonored’s World.

You can read the Dishonored World Map here. It also gives interesting back story about the places you would be visiting.

Corvo is equipped with a Heat that keeps him on track for objectives, beating faster when he is close to a certain objective. The heart also whispers and gives intel to Corvo about the named NPCs of the Dishonored World, but it’s use come at a price.

There are power spells at your disposal in Dishonored. Dishonored shy away from the traditional use of Spells and offers something more realistic.

Corvo can use a spell to summon an AI controller swarm of rats, that behaves realistically to the environment. These AI controlled rats will feed on the downed enemies to their bones, making it easy for the player to hide the bodies but, NPCs caught in the swarm of rats may panic and alert the guards. Which may compromise the mission.

Corvo also needs to make sure enough bodies for these rats to feed on, if they don’t any thing that interest them, they will turn to the summoner (Corvo) himself and attack him.

Similarly he can posses the AI controlled rats that he can summon to feed on the downed enemies. Possessing a rat makes it easy to escape through the tunnels, if need be

Corvo can manipulate and take over the conscience of the NPCs around him, even posses them, but he needs to be really stealthy about it. NPCs shouldn’t be aware of his presence if he wants to possess.

These aren’t the only spells, he can use. He can Bend Time, Windblast, Teleport and switch to super-speed. He can also collected Whalebone charms to buff his attributes.

World of Dishonored is large, but don’t come expected Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. There are multiple ways you can complete your objective; if you choose to be chaotic, the world will respond to your actions by making AI more difficult.

Dishonored uses an analogue AI, which assigns different characteristics to the NPCs and determines how the AI will respond to your actions. Light, mental state, ambient noise etc are some of these characteristics that will determine how the AI should respond. For example the hearing of the two NPC guards will be duller than the one who is on petrol.

Dialogue system offers flexibility and options but they are limited. You will be given to choose the real choices, the plot determining choices.

During each level you will be assassinating a member of the Lord Regent’s corrupt regime, and one by one. Maps of these levels are designed to encourage more vertical exploration so expect yourself jumping on the rooftops more often.

What we have read so far makes this game quite impressive. What’s your take on this ?

Source. GameInformer via NeoGaf.