Women Prefer Online Gaming Over Sex

The age old discussion of whether women prefer gaming or sex, has somewhat reached a conclusion if the results of a survey are to be taken, with the former coming out on top.

A recent study suggests women who actively participate in online gaming, prefer to do that, instead of shopping, going out and even have sex.

As bizarre as that may sound, a survey conducted by Doritos, in which over two thousand women participated, concluded that 49% of them play online games, when compared to 50% of male gamers. Out of those 49% women, a massive 84% went on admit that they enjoyed playing video games, as compared to a mere 70% who enjoyed having sex.

However this survey also proved that women actually spend more time playing video games, when compared to men. 23.1% of these women’s time is spent playing games online, while men only spend 22.3% percent of their time online, busting it out.

This news if anything, opens our eyes and makes us see things on a whole new level and at the same time, it makes me question, why don’t I know any of these women?