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Kingdom Hearts III – First Details

Square Enix has recently revealed new information about their latest Kingdom Hearts game, Kingdom Hearts III. Though the details aren’t in large proportions, they are enough to vellicate any Kingdom Hearts’ fan.

The details were released in the Japanese gaming magazine Famitsu, with Square Enix’s Tetsuya Nomura letting everyone know a few things about the game.

Kingdom Hearts III will be the last game in the series to feature Xehanort as the primary antagonist. However, this step won’t mark the end of the series, as a rough framework of future KH games is already in place, with Sora retained as the main character.

Nomura also indicated that the Kingdom Hearts 3D of Nintendo 3DS will perhaps be the final spin-off before a full-fledged sequel, meaning that we’ll be getting our hands on the 3rd game a while after the release of KH3D.

Sadly enough, KH3D is barely even half complete, so the common guess would be that we won’t see Kingdom Hearts III get released this year.

As far as the console is concerned, Nomura or any other Square Enix member has not given information about which system it will be released for. The primary guess would’ve been the PlayStation 3, but seeing recent Square Enix releases, one can’t help think that we’ll see KHIII for the Xbox 360 as well.

Moreover, there is also the question of whether it even comes for this generation of consoles or not, since the closer we edge towards 2012, the more the terms ‘PlayStation 4’ and ‘Xbox 720’ come into the equation. Perhaps KHIII is aiming for the next-generation consoles?

Let us know what you think about the game, and which platform(s) it will be available on, and whether it will even be available for current-generation platforms.

Source. Andriasang