Call of Duty Elite Walkthrough – Beta Launched For Xbox 360

Call of Duty franchise is looking to take its multiplayer with the introduction of Call of Duty Elite. This new social community feature will enhance the multiplayer experience, while giving you new options, which were so far only a figment of everyone’s imagination.

The Elite service is for all major platforms, however the beta that has just begun, is currently only for the Xbox 360 and will be made available for the PS3 in the near future. The PC gamers might just have to wait a little longer than the Playstation 3 fans.

Activision is clear on its prefence, first Xbox 360 then Playstation and then PC, so you will have to just digest this. The FAQ section of the beta addressed the issues at hand and revealed that there will be no Beta for the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

Currently, we do not plan to launch a version of the beta for the PC version of Call of Duty: Black Ops.

FAQ also addressed the concerns about why the company chose the Xbox 360 platform for the beta test:

There are two basic reasons for starting with Xbox 360. First, in order to better manage the beta and reduce variables we are launching with one platform as we begin our testing.

Second, due to the past outage of the PSN we have not had as much time to internally develop and test the online functionality of Call of Duty Elite with PSN.

It is important that we have thoroughly QA tested functionality before releasing to a public beta phase.

Nonetheless, as long as Call of Duty Elite gets refined prior to being made available on the PS3, I doubt anyone would be complaining as much. Still, this is definitely Xbox 360 owners happy.

Watch the long 30 minute long footage below that explains what you should expect from Call of Duty Elite.

Call of Duty Elite Beta Walkthrough

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