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Weapons of Rage – Behind The Scenes Video

Rage is looking to be a highly impressive game. It offers stunning graphics, along with a very immersive gameplay. However, what’s crucial to any FPS, is the arsenal of weapons. Rage seems to be looking to impress its fans with its wide range of different weapons.

The game has its standard shotguns and snipers, but then it goes on to throw some mind blowing weapons like the windstick and the ability to use remote control cars as bombs.

However, things aren’t all that easy as there is an economy system in the game, that is going to involve a lot of buying and selling, which is going to help you buy and sell ammo, weapons and upgrades. You can watch behind the scenes video below that walks you through the arsenal of weapons you will have at your disposal in Rage.

It’s Id Software, you know what to expect.