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Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet Coming This August

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, an arcade game being developed since 2007, is finally coming to Xbox Live Arcade this summer.

The game is to be available on the 3rd of August this year, and while we did see some gameplay footage from the Penny Arcade Expo East in March, there are a few more introductory details that may be worth having a look at.

The game has a lot of similarity to Metroid and Castlevania: Symphony of the Knight when it comes to exploration elements, perhaps with a little less complicity than Castlevania: SOTK. The formula nevertheless remains the same; exploring and finding items that would allow you to further progress in the game.

You play as an alien in a minimalistic looking saucer with various abilities, whose job is to fend off an external extraterrestrial threat. A dark, evil star has infiltrated your native solar system and has taken over your sun while its tendrils suck on the energy of your planet.

You, as the unseen alien inside the saucer that is to be controlled, must find the best means possible to annihilate this evil existence and save your planet from total exhaustion.

The game mechanics are simple – typical arcade natured at most, but subtle additions such as realistic looking elastic collisions and inertia in the saucer gives a modern and satisfying effect.

The progressive nature is also enhanced by the type of tools you find; you’ll start off with just a scanner, a tool you can use to gather information regarding your environment, and later on you’ll acquire powerful gadgets such as a mechanical arm, shields, rockets, buzzsaw and many others.

Bosses fights are also featured in the game, and they aren’t all the same. Some of the simpler bosses can be eliminated just by spamming a single button, while the more complicated ones have to be dealt in a cleverer manner. If you missed the game at PAXEAST, you can watch PAX east gameplay trailer below.

The game will cost you 15 bucks, and is a must have for anyone who enjoys arcade games, since its content is almost nostalgic and can keep you hooked for quite a while.