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First Screenshots of Battlefield 3 Battlelog

Battlelog is to Battlefield 3, what Autolog is to Need For Speed. Battlefield 3 Battlelog will add the social networking features to the multiplayer part of the game, bringing everyone on board for a fun ride.

It was announced during E3 and will help you track your statistics, unlocks and awards with your friends and foes while providing a medium for social interaction. It seems as if German Battlefield blog accidentally posted several pictures of Battlelog from an alpha trial version of the game and then quickly removed it.

Thanks to guys at Battlefieldo, a dedicated fansite, these screenshots have been preserved to give all the fans insight into what Battlelog will offer.

The screenshot that follows is a homepage of Battlelog. Anyone who has used Facebook will quickly find himself at home with Battlelog.

Second screenshot shows a Friends Battlefield Feed which is essentially a news feed that shows all the discussion that’s going on between your friends, forum posts, and notifications about your friends.

Battlelog Feed

Third screenshot shows a friends list at the bottom and chat system like Facebook that features voice chat and allows you to join the games that your friends are already playing.

Battlelog Comcenter

Fourth screenshot shows a statistics page which will probably highlight everything you have done in the game. You can expect kills, deaths, score, time played, and other stats like kill-to-death ration on this page.

Battlelog Statistics

Looks exciting, remember it’s still the alpha version of the Battlelog. Share your thoughts, opinions and excitement in the comments below.