Cities XL 2012 Announced – First Screenshots

Cities XL 2012 is set to hit stores in October. However, to give the fans of the series a sense of what the game is going to offer, a number of screen shots have been released, to show on what the game might offer.

The upcoming version of the game is set to build on the success of Cities XL 2011 version, which with its highly intense and incredibly fun traffic management, helped people burn countless hours on end.

It will feature as many as sixty different maps and over a thousand building types.

The first screen shows a city in a desert, but with a lake in the middle of it all. Kind of has the feel of Palm Islands, in Dubai U.A.E and it seems like it will offer a whole different kind of challenge, given the location.

Cities XL 2012

The second screen takes us to a completely different setting, with a snow-covered city being surrounded by the mountain side. However, with helicopters and cars already moving about, this city seems to have a rather well laid out infra-structure.

Cities XL 2012

The last screen on display, boasts a massive city, with towering sky scrapers and massive bridges. This city already seems like it would need a lot more attention when compared to the smaller cities, but it convinces us that it would be a lot of fun to do so.