Brave Company Announced For Nintendo 3DS

You have been slaying monsters and saving princesses of late, it’s about time you run a business that facilitates just that. Brave Company, the new Nintendo 3DS title by Namco Bandai offers just that. You can run a company that sends people to slay dragons, monsters, and what not, while saving VIPs.

You will have a roster of brave heroes and heroines at your disposal to solve whatever problems that arise. Their success means positive repo for your agency and that means you unlock new stuff.

Every character is also assigned a class ‘Knights, Archers, Priests, Wizards’ which determines its specific role. So you will need to assign the right person to the right job if you want to be successful, earn more revenue and expand your business.

Brave Company is being developed by Cattle Call, is due out October 27 in Japan and will also be available for iPhone.