Build Your Own Custom Mega Army in Dawn of War 3

Numerous fans of the Dawn of War series, were left a little disappointed with the dramatic change in the gameplay and setting that Dawn of War 2 introduced.

The second installment went on to move away from mass battles and instead had players dealing with a smaller number of units, upgrading them and looking after them almost individually, which kind of took away the feel of managing huge armies.

However, Relic seem to have realized that this change was probably not the smartest that they had ever made and as a result, they are now looking to head back to their roots.

In a recent interview, James McDermott went on to state that teams prime focus was to now try and offer the ability to customize mega armies, in an attempt to really help people get into the game.

He then went on to add:

Looking at what we had real success with Dawn of War II – Retribution, with the DLC, and with customization and building their armies and collecting being a big part of what 40k fans really love, we want to make that a big part of DOW3.

He then went on to confirm of what to expect from the third installment, as he added:

There’s going to be lots of opportunities to expand and build your own custom mega army. That’s definitely an area we want to invest in. Your army and my army should feel very different. That’s where we would like to get to.

At the moment, the details about the game are rather scarce but you can expect the dev to soon spill the beans.