Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 2 Music Tracks Location Guide

You need to find all the Music Tracks in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 2, if you want to earn the Listen Up achievement or trophy.

These Music Tracks are scattered throughout the game, one or more in the twelve chapters. If you have missed out on any of these Music Tracks, keep reading.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 2 Music Tracks

You can find below the locations where you should look for these collectibles.

Chapter 1

Music Track
Location. As soon as you are given control of Harry Potter, go forward and take a right of the cliff. You will find first Music Track on the right side of the water next to a rock on the left.

Chapter 2

Music Track
Location. As Hermione opens a door after you save her, look left of that door. You will find an enclosed area with a chimney. To the left of that Chimney is this collectible item.

Chapter 3

Music Track
Location. Look on the right side of Harry Potter between two gates, with an opening in the middle. (You can collect this with Harry Potter only).

Chapter 4

Music Track
Location. Protect Ron as he opens the door. Walk pass that door and you will find the music track on your right. It’s before the section where you encounter spider and rocks start to fall.

Chapter 5

Music Track
Location. Once you are given control of Seamus, take a left twice through the walkway and you will end up near this collectible. Look left and you will find it.

Music Track
Location. After you have planting the last bomb and got rid of the first wave of enemies. Proceed to the other side of the hill, you will find the torches there. After passing the first set of torches, you will come across another set of torches just a little ahead. One torch on each side, shoot the one on your right and it will drop the collectible onto the left torch.

Chapter 6

There are no collectibles in Chapter 6.

Chapter 7

Music Track
Location. When you take control of Harry, look left before you chase the wizards and you will find it in the middle of the furniture.

Chapter 8

Music Track
Location. Protect Hermione as she opens the door, go inside and down the stairs you will find a torch above you to your left as you walk down the stair. Knock it down and it will drop this collectible.

Music Track
Location. At the bottom of the third set of stairs. That is after you have saved Hermione and took an exit through the newly opened door.

Chapter 9

There are collectibles in Chapter 9.

Chapter 10

Music Track
Location. Take the stairs down after defeating the wizards, followed by another set of stairs in the middle. You will spot this collectible item on the middle step, you need to collect before you head back to the stairs on the opposite side.

Chapter 11

Collectibles in this chapter are on the each corner of the map, but you need to get them before you meet up with the rest of your friends since it will lead to the place catching the fire.

Chapter 12

Music Track
Location. Once you use Apparate for third time to get closer to Voldemort, turn around and get this collectible. It is in front of a door.

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