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Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 2 Characters Location Guide

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 2
You need to collect all characters in Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 2, if you want to unlock Full of Characters achievement or trophy.

There are total 12 chapters of the game and these characters collectibles can be found throughout the game. If you want to earn this achievement or trophy and have somehow missed any of these characters, you should refer to the guide that follows.

Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 2 Characters

You can find below the locations where you should look for these collectibles. They are brief.

Chapter 1

Location. You will come across two bridges after you have defeated all enemies. Take the wooden one before meeting up with your friends and you will find the character at the end.

Location. Once you have protected Hermione from getting hit, a door will open. Take the door and go down to the lower section. There is only one open door, so take it and defeat all the wizards that you encounter in the next area. There’s lot of gold and silver in that vault and at the end of the vault is the character.

Chapter 2

Location. You can collect this collectible in the first run of the game, or specifically at this stage of the game. You will need to replay the chapter at the later stage once you have acquired Apparate spell. Enter and defeat the first wave of enemies as Harmione opens the door.

Ron will ask if there is any spell she doesn’t know. Take a right into the newly opened area. You will several barrels in this area and you will have to jump over to get this collectible. It’s the area from where the Wizards are shooting from.

Location. You will find this collectible at the end of the Streets of Hogsmeade, just before you enter the house. Take down the wizards you encounter and head left of the screen. You will find two houses with an opening between them. Go through the opening to get this item.

Chapter 3

Location. When you fight with Carrows, it’s behind Harry. (Can only be collected with Harry Potter).

Location. Take control of McGonagall and look right to pick up this collectible. You can protect yourself with Shield if things get difficult.

Chapter 4

Location. At the start of the chapter, take the left from the fork in the path, take another left and you will reach the end of the path. You can find this collectible character at the end of this path.

Location. Walk past the circular door that you come across after adventuring through the cave. Take a left twice and you end up near this collectible.

Chapter 5

Location. Walk towards the guy standing near the patch you need to go to. Turn around and you should find this collectible near the water fountain.

Location. Plant the last bomb and take out the first wave of enemies. After that come down the mountain again, you will find the blocked passage opened. You will find this collectible before one of the rocks you can use to take cover. It’s on the lower part of the bridge you just planted the last bomb.

Chapter 6

There are no collectibles in Chapter 6 of Harry Potter and The Deathly Hollows Part 2 The Game.

Chapter 7

Location. Defeat the wizards, follow Hermione as she opens a new walkaway. Take the new path that opens and you will find this collectible in front as soon as you encounter the wizards again.

Location. Once you make the Wizards to flee. Take the left path and you will find this collectible in the corner. Look for it near the painting next to chair in the furniture.

Location. Take out the fort and head towards the opposite side. Hermione will open another walkway. You will spot it on your right at the end of that walkway. There is also a statue nearby.

Chapter 8

Location. Head straight from the start of the chapter and you will pass three cross ways. Take a left from the arc on the third walkway and you will end up near this collectible. Look in front of the glass window nearby to get this. You need to take a left from the arch which leads to the lower level.

Location. Take the door Hermione opens, go down the stairs, clear the first wave of enemies leading to the new area with more enemies, defeat them and you will end up in the lower level area of where you started the chapter. Defeat all the enemies and exit but not before you get this collectible on the left of the rubble.

Location. Once you have synchronized with Ron and Hermione and defeated the wizards that attack, take the stairs down. You will see the collectible but it is blocked by rubble that falls downward as you proceed. Go up and take the middle set of stairs to get this collectible.

Chapter 9

There are collectibles in Chapter 9.

Chapter 10

Location. After you defeat the wizards at the bottom of the steps. Take the stairs on your left and make a right. You will come across a door on fire next to this collectible.

Chapter 11

Collectibles in this chapter are on the each corner of the map, but you need to get them before you meet up with the rest of your friends since it will lead to the place catching the fire.

Chapter 12

Location. Once you have dealt 25% damage to Voldemort, your fight will switch to the next side of the broken bridge. Look at your right next to a window and you will spot this collectible.

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