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FIFA 12 Career Mode Preview

Since FIFA 11’s career mode wasn’t as great as it should’ve been, it’s natural to expect something better in FIFA 12. Quite frankly most fans enjoy the separate Manager and Be-A-Pro modes, and it was expected that we’d be seeing something similar, if not exactly alike.

Well, things are going to be like they were 3 or so years back, but one thing is for certain that FIFA 12 does bring about a change in the Career mode.

This time around EA Sports is looking to make a Career mode which is, in nature, a more managerial experience. Firstly, the new career mode will feature Youth Scouts, which will have to be hired from a pool, and whose job will be to recruit new players into your team.

The way their sense of finding talent is improved is by sending them again and again for players, by which they’ll gain more experience and be able to give better recommendations.

Secondly, there are player interactions, which have ‘sort of’ improved. The players will attempt to communicate with you, letting you know of their thoughts. This is known as the Player Morale system.

It really is not more than a box with some text, so there isn’t anything too significant about it; but it’s fine as long as it doesn’t get too repetitive.

Player transfer system has also been improved in the new Career mode. Multiple negotiations can now take place with new deadline days, rather than the previous system which treated deadlines in an inefficient method.

The experience of transferring and contract negotiations is also enhanced, according to EA, by the improved general AI. The AI will sometimes low-ball, and sometimes high-ball, making it random and unpredictable to improve the believability of the scenario.

The system works fine for the most, but its randomness can sometimes affect the believability, as often you’ll see low-level players or players who aren’t as threatening as they were before costing a fortune.

The improvements, to be very frank, are not on a scale large enough to be wowed at, and while they add a bit of believability, not one is as vast in measurement or experience as it should’ve been.

Of course, there is lots of time at hand for EA to further work on the Career mode, but one cannot help to think that they may release an uncooked mode in the same way as FIFA 11. Nevertheless, we can only keep our fingers crossed.

In short, it may be an improved, but as if as it can be told, there isn’t as much depth to it as there was to the good old Manager and Be-A-Pro modes. We can only but wait till the end of September to find out how it all turns up.