EA or Fan Disses Activision – Redirects MW3 Domain to Battlefield 3

EA or a fan of Battlefield 3 has pulled a fast one over Activision. If you open ‘modernwarfare3.com’ now, it will redirect itself to ‘Battlefield.com’, current Home of Battlefield 3.

It’s either EA dissing Activision or a fan (seems likely) showing his/her love/hate. Battlefield 3 has still got 3 months to go before it will be released Worldwide, followed by Modern Warfare 3 next month. So you can expect few more of these stunts in this time span as the two Publishers continue to behave like School Kids.

If it continues you can expect some casualties in this war, but only one party will lose, and that is consumers. So get ready to lose your money as the battle HEATS up. And yes, something along the lines has happened before, watch this.

Update. EA is Not Behind ModernWarfare3.com Redirect.