EA Not Behind ModernWarfare3.com Redirect

It has been a funny day, starting with Activision diss supposedly by EA or a Fan as I previously suggested, making ModernWarfare3.com redirect to Battlefield 3 Home Page. For a quick refresh, type ‘modernwarfare3.com’ in your browser and you will see it getting redirected to ‘Battlefield.com’.

It has been widely reported as EA’s doing but in fact it’s just an angry fan, NOT EA. How I know that ? well the domain was registered back in 2009 in anticipation of the release of the next sequel by supposedly a fan and if you go through Google Cache, you will find the video below embedded on the website which clears all the clouds. Someone was angry and this is the response.

The video uploader on YouTube claims he has nothing to do with the website ‘modernwarfare3.com’ and has no idea why would someone post his video on the website.

It’s food for thought. Let’s discuss who is probably behind it, the evidence points towards an angry fan.