Dishonored First Details

After being overtaken by ZeniMax (Bethesda parent company), the makers of Arx Fatalis and Dark Massiah of Might and Magic has been working on Dishonored. Some of the features of the game have been brought into light Gameinformer to tease the fans for their upcoming preview of the game in the latest issue of the magazine.

Players will take control of a character named Corvo, the protagonist. Things won’t start pleasantly as our protagonist is in jail charged by the murder of his empress for whom he acted as a bodyguard. But Corvo is not an ordinary guard as he has got some distinctive skill and gadgets under his sleeves. So the escape is inevitable.

The game is based on the same concept as of  Thief and Deus Ex but we are not yet sure that whether that it will be an FPS or third person action. One interesting feature revealed so far is that one can combine different abilities which otherwise won’t work on enemies to pull some unique stunts like stopping time and smashing the stuff around you.

The game world will change depending upon the decisions you make. It isn’t like that you will be given choices rather story driven decisions will be altered behind the scenes. More info will be unleashed in the latest issue of GameInformer. Expect us to dig that and share.