Zoom For Kinect Gets an Official Release Date

Nyko, the peripheral maker for popular video game consoles has been long working on a peripheral for the Kinect which would cut the amount of space required in-front of camera that is required for Kinect to function properly.

Zoom for Kinect made an appearance during this year’s E3 but somehow couldn’t grab the attention of the media. It has an official release date now and that is, August 23, 2011. It will come as an attachment for your Kinect and will cost you around $30.

It would enable the people with small apartments enjoy the fun of Kinect, reducing the space required by 40%, which technically would make Kinect work in little more than 4ft space.

Zoom for Kinect is potentially a hit if it works properly. The space issue with the Kinect really is a hassle for some people, who would like to play Kinect but can’t accommodate the space required.