Uncharted 3 Beta Impressions

Uncharted 3 is quite easily one of the most anticipated games of this year. It has been winning over critics all across the globe and has its strong fan base looking with eager eyes, wondering what’s going to happen with Nathan Drake in the latest installment.

However, with the wait for the game already starting to kill some fans, Naughty Dog went on to drop a massive teaser as they launched a Multiplayer Beta to the PSN and made it downloadable for all PS Plus subscribers.

The Beta offer options, you can either play with your friend in coop adventure, or play in competitive multiplayer with different players across the Playstation Network.

In coop mode, you and your friend kill countless AI units while trying to secure the treasure chests. Despite being such a bare minimum mode, it is a hell of a lot of fun to get into.

The multiplayer offers free for all, Team Death Match, Three team Deathmatch and a hardcore mode. Team Deathmatches are the standard team games and the three team versions just have three teams facing off instead of two.

Free for all’s are the most fun since they create room for everyone to just lose it and go crazy. Finally, a hardcore match is just like a team deathmatch, only without the boosters and kickbacks which you select and unlock in the customization menu.

There are two maps that are included in the beta, the airfield and the Chateau. The maps are brilliant, the airfield map actually had me jumping back forth between a plane and moving cars, all while taking down your enemies.

On the other hand, the Chateau level displayed just how good the graphics are, as well as showing the real time environmental changes to the surroundings that would be taking place during the game.

As far as the gameplay mechanics go, they are fine tuned to near-perfection. The controls are responsive, easily spread across the controller and it seems effortless to go from diving for cover, to shooting at opponents, while throwing grenades all over the place.

In fact, during my interactions with the game, there was very little that I could actually find wrong with the game. Despite me not having played the Uncharted multiplayer in the past, the learning curve was very low and within minutes I developed an understanding for the game and was mixing it up, with whatever was thrown at me.

The shooting is easy and the weapons are fun to use. Each different gun, has its own feel. The guns that were included in the beta were, pistols, the AK-47, G-Mal, RPG’s and the Dragon Sniper.

One feature that particularly stood out for me, was the buddy system. What it did, was that it would assign two players as buddies and if one of the two died, then they would have the option to re-spawn next to the other. In doing so, not only did it make the game a lot faster, but it just made it seem like more fun.

However, considering this is still just a beta, there were your standard bugs here and there. Some graphical issues presented themselves and occasionally, the characters would not respond as well as you would want them to.

Nonetheless, despite those minor setbacks, the beta has already proven itself to be a mouth watering treat and has already made me mark out 1st of November on my calendar, as I look forward for the full release of the game.