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Cancelled UI of Mortal Kombat Arcade Kollection

The screens below were part of the original UI of Mortal Kombat HD Arcade Kollection until recently when the scope of the project got changed. John Montenegro, the artist who created these Mock-ups revealed on his blog while talking about his work.

The said cancellation of the proposed UI only means you should expect something better in the upcoming game as has been hinted by the UI artist.

They are a great loss for me in the sense that none of the following screens (save for the Friendly Kombat screen) will be seen in the actual DLC game itself. The scope of our project was changed and thus the demand and need for the UI did as well.

Below you will find the said UI screenshots that are no longer part of the game except for the friendly Kombat Screen.

XMB Mockup

Ranked Kombat Screen

Test Your Might

MK2 Hud

End Screen MK1

Character Bio MK2 Final

Share your thoughts, what do you expect from this re-mastered Mortal Kombat collection?