Battlefield 3 Multiplayer Classes Preview

Almost every first-person shooter lover is anxious to find out even the tiniest bit of fresh information of any kind regarding the crazily anticipated Battlefield 3, and DICE seems to be aware of this, since they haven’t been shy in releasing vital details regarding both the single player and multiplayer features of the game.

This time around we’re looking at ripe new information about the game’s multiplayer classes. Yes, minor details about the classes have been revealed in the past, but DICE is taking it up a notch by explaining in detail how all the classes work – not just individually, but also on a team basis.

It’s no new news that the four classes available for Battlefield 3 are Assault, Engineer, Support, and Recon. Recon is obviously a synonym for the Sniper Class, whereas Support replaces medic, though it doesn’t exactly play as the conventional BF medic that we saw in Bad Company 2.

However, the familiar elements are still there in each class, but the subtle changes are what make the whole class system so refined and strategy-oriented.

Assault Class
The Assault class works on the same principle as before: frontline running and gunning. However, a great little tweak to the class is how they can carry medical kits and defibrillators with themselves.

Behaving as both assaulters and dedicated medics, healing/reviving any injured/fallen team mate, they find next to them in the frontlines. The great thing about this class is how expansive it is; you can work your way into making a more medic-oriented assault, or you could go all-out assault.

Engineer Class
The engineer class remains more or less the same; classic and extremely reliable. You’re primary job will be repairing friendly vehicles, and destroying enemy vehicles with your trusty RPG.

The engineer class has a great variety of weapons to its disposal as well, making it an extremely versatile class that can perform similar to the assault class, but has the firepower to take down enemy armors and rejuvenate friendly vehicles.

Support Class
The Support Class returns in Battlefield 3, and like the medic in BC2, its primary objective is to provide support with LMG. The first thing that comes to mind when you read ‘LMG’ is inaccuracy and instability, not to mention a heck lot of reloading time.

The reloading time bit is pretty much the same, but the addition of Bipods allows for stable shooting when doing so while in prone, taking cover behind something or shooting through windows.

The stability of the LMG is increased so much with the bipod that it’s possible to shoot 200 bullets from a single position without losing barely any accuracy.

DICE has put in a lot of effort in making the Support Class actually seem like a support class, and not a substitute for the assaulters.

Recon Class
The Recon class is basically a sniper class, and is both the most loved and most hated class of all. The ability to spot enemies is retained in this class in Battlefield 3, and long ranged reconnaissance and shooting can really make this class lethal – as it has always been.

However, this time around DICE is eager to make the Recon class more than just a Sniper Class, and have stated that they have made items for the class that encourage team play, making it a more involved class. What type of items you have for selection is something not clearly known.

These are the four classes of Battlefield 3. But what makes them so special is not their individuality; it is how customizable they are. Each class can be customized to give a user-friendly experience, so no class seems entirely new or uncomfortable if the player takes a bit of time customizing it to their liking.